The Fury Quack Gang is an NFTs subcollection of the Fury Mouse Gang. Counting 3500 Fury Ducks. Like the mice, at night the fury takes hold of them and they ravage everything in their path. These creatures are the enemies number 1 of the Fury Mouse Gang. The ambition is huge, our goal is to become the number 1 project on the Cronos blockchain. Our community is linked around a story in comics style. The first Chapter was about the Fury Mouse Gang, and now the second Chapter will cover the Fury Quack Gang. So, rally us or die.

(Chapter II)


Depending on the number of quacks held, you will get a role on our discord.



10 Quacks = 1 Hidden Airdrop (20 = 2, 30 = 3 etc..)

10 Quacks = « VIP » (a share of 50% of the royalties from the secondary market)

30 Quacks = « Right Hand Man » (VIP benefits + Exclusive collection PFP: 

Describe your QUACK or Mouse to our artist, so that he draws it 100% by hand, with features 100% unique. A custom NFT for you!)

45 Quacks = « Godfather » role ( VIP + Right Hand Man benefits + Hidden utility)

TOP 5 Holders (250, 200, 150, 100, 50 $CRO each week during at least 12 weeks)



Quacks will also be used as BOOSTER for Fury Houses


In our gang, we mostly reward faith and loyalty.